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    This bundle contains two audiobooks: Classic Fairy Tales Collection 1 and Collection 2. There are nine classic tales in collection 1 and 17 classic tales in collection 2. So, you’ll get total of 26 classic tales with this bundle, namely: 

    Book 1: Classic Fairy Tales Collection 1:

    • Jacq and Amazing Bean Tree
    • Samantha the Curious Mermaid
    • Mangaliso and the Dwarf Brothers
    • Curse of the Dark Fairy
    • Peter and His Wizard Cat
    • The Real Princess
    • Lady Lydia & the Gruesome Ogre
    • Hansel and Grethel
    • Kelly and the Bad Wolf

    Book 2: Classic Fairy Tales Collection 2

    • Gulliver's Travels
    • Seven Sisters from Salem
    • Bamboo and the Temple Turtle
    • The Cave of the Beasts
    • The Shapeshifter Panther
    • Talking Fish
    • The Gold Nugget
    • The Silver Fox
    • The Mischievous Teapot
    • The Bamboo Cutter
    • Magic Crystals
    • Beware of Mean Friends
    • Chand the Chick
    • Sheesham of Nagpur
    • The Birds and the Shivering Monkeys
    • The Old Tiger and the Greedy Traveler
    • The Rabbits and the Elephants

    This will be an awesome gift for your kids. 

    I’m sure you’ll enjoy all 26 tales in this bundle. 


    ©2019 Innofinitimo Media (P)2019 Innofinitimo Media

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