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    Listen to this audio collection of classic dog stories read by an ensemble cast of treasured readers - including Lorelei King, Samuel West, Thomas Judd, Imogen Church and Gordon Kennedy.

    From the grit of a frontier man’s dog, from pampered lapdog to wayward mongrel, from faithful guard dog to strong-willed pet, they’re all here in Classic Dog Stories - the perfect audiobook for dog lovers everywhere.

    In this entertaining collection, dogs of all kinds are brought to life. Working dogs, dogs who are mistreated by humans, dogs who save lives and the ones that make us laugh; they all leap and bound to life in stories by our most accomplished writers, including Mark Twain, Mary E. Wilkins Freeman, Jack London and Jerome K. Jerome.

    This edition is edited by anthologist Ned Halley.

    The stories included are:

    • 'A Dog's Tale' by Mark Twain
    • Brown Wolf by Jack London
    • 'The Dog Hervey' by Rudyard Kipling
    • Memoirs of a Yellow Dog by O Henry
    • 'Mr Donne's Exodus' from Shirley' by Charlotte Bronte
    • 'Montmorency' from Three Men in a Boat by Jerome K Jerome
    • 'Little Girl Afraid of a Dog' by Mary E. Wilkins Freeman
    • 'Kashtanka 'by Anton Chekov
    • 'The Black Poodle' by F. Anstey
    • Stickeen by John Muir
    Public Domain (P)2021 Macmillan Publishers International Ltd

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