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    A mysterious stone of black obsidian holds a magical grip over a rural French clan ripped apart by an ancient curse. The Nazis covet the relic as a weapon of immense power that will lead their armies to victory in the West. The Allies fear rumors of the stone mask a deadly weapon that threatens the invasion of Fortress Europe. The resistance risks annihilation to recover it. The French police and the Gestapo will destroy all in their path to possess it. Three allied agents parachute into enemy-occupied France in a desperate race to uncover the truth of The Black Sun. For Sergeant John Keene, the mission will alter reality for all time. For Ariéle, the stone promises either freedom from captivity or certain death. A medieval blood prophesy tells of a warrior rising in the West who will silence the cries of the ancient gods. Is the German occupation the Great Fire foretold in the prophesy? Has the Warrior finally come to bring peace to the land? Will fear once more unleash catastrophe throughout the countryside?

    ©2014 L.W. Hewitt, MBM (P)2014 L.W. Hewitt, MBM

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