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    No more limits. No more safe words. No more nice guy.

    I’m done with her. I’m sticking with simpler women. Women who don’t overthink things, who don’t challenge my lack of morals, and who sure as hell don’t dare to pull a disappearing act on me.

    But before I leave her to her fate, I’m going to make the most of what’s mine. I’m going to use her body till she can’t move a limb. I’m going to blow past her limits, even the hard ones, because limits - and safe words - are about respect and trust. And she broke both those when she skipped town with my son.

    If you’re looking to go dark and steamy, you’ll want to grab Em Brown’s Claimed Darker, the sizzling and wicked hot conclusion to a dangerous love.

    ©2021 DESM Arts, LLC (P)2021 DESM Arts, LLC

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