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    The only reason sexy shapeshifter Bexli would not be able to shift is unthinkable. No way is she pregnant after one stupid night with him.  

    What Bexli knows about the silver fox alien: He’s moody, he rarely talks, and he seems to think she’s some fragile female who needs protecting. 

    Tommel knows that he has no interest in a mate, he won’t talk about his past, and he can’t stop thinking about the beautiful Lycithian. 

    After a night when adrenaline is running high and Bexli is determined to prove she’s anything but fragile, they end up sharing a tent. And a lot more. When Tommel walks out, she panics and runs as far away from him as she can…and right into danger on the deadly sand planet. 

    Now she’s lost her ability to shape-shift, which means two things. She can’t help rescue her captured friends, and she’s pregnant by the alien who walked away from her. Not good. 

    This stand-alone surprise pregnancy novel features a tough, independent heroine; a gorgeous, sand planet barbarian warrior; and steamy scenes with a silver fox. If you like hot alien warriors, surprise pregnancies, and fated mates romance with a happily ever after, you’ll love CLAIM, the sixth book in Tana Stone’s sci-fi romance Barbarians of the Sand Planet series.

    ©2020 Broadmoor Books (P)2021 Broadmoor Books

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