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    Are you sabotaging the love that is possible in your relationships? Have you ever wished you could experience unconditional love? Choosing Love offers a spiritual approach to transforming relationships by showing you how to let go of any fears, limiting beliefs, and judgments. By moving beyond your ego and conditioning, you can create a richer, more loving life for yourself and those you care about. You have the power to determine how much love you experience in any given moment.

    There is nothing that opens someone’s heart more than someone with an open heart. Conversely, there is nothing that closes someone’s heart more than someone with a closed heart. Choosing Love will help you open your heart by helping you overcome the fear, judgments, and egoistic expectations and demands that block love and make relationships difficult.

    A loving relationship is possible, and it starts with your own relationship - to love with your capacity to love. Choosing Love will help you love and, thereby, draw more love to you in your life. Choosing Love provides profound insights and practical advice about how the ego interferes with love and happiness; moving beyond romantic illusions; recognizing, finding, and sustaining a meaningful relationship; overcoming anger, judgments, criticism, and resentment; resolving issues like infidelity, money, commitment, sexual differences; and seeing the divine in one another.

    ©2007 Gina Lake (P)2020 Gina Lake

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