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Children's Crusade: Memoirs of a Teenage Radical

Spieldauer: 43 Min.

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Evie, a phenomenally bright but socially marginalised fifteen year-old, has had it with Western Civilization. Self-educated in the ideas of the Luddites, Mao and T.E. Lawrence, she wants to launch a mission against technology and the damage she believes it has wrought on the human race. She's taken a look at human history and decided it's time things changed. For good. But can she get her mobile-addicted classmates to join with her?

Written by Philip de Gouveia. Starring Leah Brotherhead as Evie, with Luke Treadaway, Nathan Stewart-Jarrett, Georgia Groome, Christine Kavanagh, Nicholas Boulton, Sally Orrock and Iain Batchelor. Directed by Rosalynd Ward.

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