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    According to Lady Miss Jacqueline, her dear friend Janet is killing it. But appearances deceive in this sharply funny short story about best-laid plans, dirty blondes, and living life in all caps.

    After slipping on Chelsea - a magical wig that comes with a gregarious personality - Janet is making strides at work and has a new friend and a confident strut. Life is fab. Isn’t it? Honestly, there’s something missing. Where’s the adventure? The purpose? What she needs is to tap into her inner daredevil. But her mystical wigmaker has a word of caution: should Janet lose control, it might not be so easy to get it back.

    Chelsea’s Werk Week by Keke Palmer with Jasmine Guillory is part of Southern Belle Insults, a fiercely funny series of short stories set in the fully realized world of Keke’s viral phenomenon. Take Lady Miss Jacqueline’s advice: read or listen to them at once, without stopping, the whole way through. You’re welcome.

    ©2021 THAKIDZ LLC. (P)2021 Brilliance Publishing, Inc., all rights reserved.

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