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    In Change Your Mind and Your Life Will Follow, best-selling author Karen Casey presents listeners with two life choices. The first is to fall into despair, become numb, and let fear have its way with us. The second is to open our minds to positive thoughts, to heal ourselves and each other by changing how we respond in every interaction. Change Your Mind and Your Life Will Follow focuses on the latter.

    Response vs. reaction. To be frank, mindset is everything. We cannot change a person. We often cannot change a situation. We can change how we respond. We can learn to use positive words and act out of our hearts rather than react with hurt or anger. When we stop focusing on problems solutions tend to appear.

    Happy mind, happy life. If we change how we respond to external stimuli, our mindset follows. Organized around 12 very simple steps, this book gives listeners the tools to find a positive, peaceful response to every curveball life throws at us.

    In listening to Karen Casey's book you will learn:

    • Happiness is a choice you can make
    • You can change your life for the better
    • How to follow a path chosen by very successful people
    ©2016, 2021 Karen Casey (P)2021 Tantor

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