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Celebrating Love

Saints Protection & Investigations, Book 9
Sprecher: Alexandre Steele
Spieldauer: 8 Std. und 47 Min.

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Saints Protection & Investigation: A private investigation business, pulling together men from the CIA, FBI, ATF, DEA, Border Patrol, SEALs, and police - all devoted to the missions that no one else wants or can solve.

Nick Stone is a stoic, dedicated FBI agent. His life is neat and orderly, just the way he likes it. Bayley Hanssen is a vivacious romance novelist and bookstore owner, thriving on chaos.

On one of Nick's stakeout, the two collide, and Bayley turns his life upside down. Disenchanted with the political posturing of his superiors, the lure of working for the Saints becomes a reality. And he discovers that life with the fun-loving Bayley is just what he needs.

But when human traffickers strike close to home, Nick and the Saints fight to keep Bayley safe.

Warning: Due to scenes of an explicit sexual nature and language that some may consider crude, this book is for listeners 18 years and older. If you do not like alphas with heart who fall instantly in love with strong female characters while dealing with real-life issues...again, be warned!

©2017 MaryAnn Litton (P)2018 MaryAnn Litton

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