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    Join this very special calico cat on a quest to find her true home.

    Jem was not prepared for the afterlife. She was not ready to leave her family on Earth. Could she put faith in her new guide? She didn't even want to be here. And would any of these ghost cats ever be willing to be her friend?

    As time went on, new challenges arose. Her Earth family adopted kittens. But were they really trustworthy? Jem wasn't sure about that at all. Meanwhile here in the afterlife, grifter cats threatened to hurt others around her. Can this calico step up to protect her loved ones from danger?

    The Cats of the Afterlife series is a poignant, humorous adventure where a calico cat learns that her once-perceived catastrophe can actually turn out to be the cat's meow.

    Listen to the Cats of the Afterlife series to tune into your inner cat today!

    ©2021 Wendy Ledger (P)2021 Wendy Ledger

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