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    There are various cues that woman give to let you know that they are attracted to you. The problem is you may miss out on those direct and indirect cues if you lack experience and are not paying attention. I don’t want you to miss out and want to give you the knowledge to succeed.

    On the journey to romantic success many inexperienced men make the mistake of incongruent body language, misread the signals that women give to them, and telegraph the wrong signals to women who would have otherwise liked them. They miss their chance and you are one of them. Through life experience I have overcome these missed opportunities and will teach you all that concisely. What you need to do is to understand women focus on your body language and master the art of flirtation, attraction, and seduction.

    Within this audiobook is valuable knowledge coupled with a 30-day challenge to help you succeed with the beautiful women that you deserve. I have also told you how to:

    • Understand the science of attraction
    • Project confidence
    • Implement the art of flirting
    • Get physical

    You may think that understanding body language is a monumental task, but I am here to assure you that it is not. In fact, by absorbing the content within this audiobook you will have an understanding that will make the light bulb in your head light right up. How? By implementing the knowledge in this book and following through with the 30-day challenge you will gain the confidence to win all the battles of attraction and win the war. No longer will body language be a curiosity. By learning my secrets, you too will achieve the success that Casanova enjoyed through implementing the same basic principles of body language and attraction that he employed to be world-renowned.

    ©2018 Mark London (P)2018 Mark London

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