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    When professional speaker and songwriter Joy Huber was diagnosed with stage four cancer at the young age of 33, she didn't choose to stay angry. She chose to fight using the tremendous power of positivity and lots of humor, even as she went from having shoulder-length hair at diagnosis to bald in six weeks. She heard the word remission less than six months after her diagnosis and after six intense rounds of chemotherapy.

    Joy quickly discovered, by talking with many others impacted by cancer, that most do not handle a cancer diagnosis and treatment well. Joy realizes no one is happy they have cancer, but you can have cancer and still be happy! She began sharing stories of specific examples of how she handled Cancer with Joy to help others from diagnosis through treatment and a powerful new brand quickly exploded!

    This inspiring and informative audiobook transforms how the newly diagnosed and those who love them face cancer. It is a priceless collection of stories from Joy and others, many useful resources to save time, money, energy, and strength, and much more.

    ©2012 Joy Huber (P)2013 Joy Huber

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