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Canada: Canadian History: From Aboriginals to Modern Society

The People, Places and Events That Shaped The History of Canada and North America
Sprecher: Chuck Shelby
Spieldauer: 1 Std. und 59 Min.

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Canada is known all over the world due to its undying commitment to multiculturalism and its social and ethnic diversity. In a time when these values were unspoken of, Canada was the first country to embrace an official multiculturalism policy. Nevertheless, the path that Canada followed to become the powerful nation it is today was like a labyrinth, filled with challenges and obstacles.

Starting from Canada's first inhabitants and explorers, this brief book will offer you a comprehensive overview of Canada's history, as it presents the key events that altered the course of this nation irrevocably. The following aspects are included in the book:

  • The coming of the Aboriginal peoples to Canada
  • The first Viking expedition to Canada led by Leif Eriksson
  • The initial European explorations that took place during the 15th-16th centuries and how these laid the grounds for the colonization movement that followed afterward
  • Canada's role and place in the world today
  • The primary elements that shape the Canadian culture and what makes it so distinctive
  • Main places to visit in Canada: some sights and attractions that you shouldn't miss from your itinerary if you want to understand Canada's culture and uniqueness

Only when you aim at learning about a country's history could you fully grasp its culture and evolution. That's what makes this book the perfect resource for those who want to enlarge their knowledge of Canada.

Canada is a country that seems to relish unlimited space. It is dynamic, unique, and complex, being much more than a multicultural society; it is also a multinational one. The details pointed to in this book link Canada's past and present to its potential future. I challenge you to broaden your comprehension of Canada and get this book today! This beautiful country is unexpectedly intriguing once you get to learn more about it.

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