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    Beschreibung von Audible

    American playwright Mark St. Germain’s off-Broadway hit Camping with Henry and Tom is a rollicking narrative inspired by real events. Industrialist Henry Ford and inventor Thomas Edison took annual camping trips together, accompanied by family, friends, and a host of help. In 1921, they invited President Warren G. Harding along. St. Germain devises a zany adventure laced with sparkling conversation and witty repartee. The charismatic Alan Alda, who plays Henry Ford with his usual verve, inspires the cast to deliver magnificent performances.


    President Harding wants to be with his mistress. Industrialist Henry Ford wants to be President. And inventor Thomas Edison wonders how the three of them got stuck in the woods together. Inspired by an actual camping trip taken by the three men in 1921, this off-Broadway hit is a hilarious adventure with surprising relevance to today's politics.
    (P)1996 L.A. Theatre Works


    "One of the most entertaining finds of the year!" ( In the Groove)

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