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    July arrives in Sequoia, bringing with it heat and long summer nights...and the Greenwood Fest. As the entire town prepares for an Earth friendly celebration of music and anti-drug messaging, Zion helps her parents settle into their new roles as residents of the sleepy tourist town. Now that everyone who is important to her is in Sequoia, Zion feels like things are finally coming together, until Tate gets a call from Los Angeles.

    Going home is the last thing Tate wants to do, but with Zion by his side, he figures he’ll survive it, until there’s a murder in his parents’ retirement park. 

    And the last thing he planned to do when he went home was to solve another case, but that seems to be what he and Zion do best.

    ©2020 M.L. Hamilton (P)2020 M.L. Hamilton

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