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    Cadzow, a full-blooded Athabaskan Native, becomes a pawn in a high stakes gamble by a malicious Juneau mine owner. Cadzow is falsely accused of robbery, and the mine owner anticipates that Cadzow will be caught and hanged. Since the native cannot reveal where the money was hidden, the mine owner, who had robbed his own mine, would end up with the money. But Cadzow is not stupid. He steps free of the trap and escapes across the Mendenhall Glacier into Canada ahead of the posse on his trail - led by the greedy mine owner. When Cadzow stumbles onto a map to a hidden treasure, the posse of Whites decides to follow him all the way to the treasure. Can Cadzow stay one step ahead of the posse and get to the treasure first or will they outsmart him, catching him and celebrating their victory with his hanging?

    ©2011 Steven Levi (P)2020 Steven Levi

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