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    Let's face it, we’ve all been guilty of "circling back” to “touch base” with a colleague to get a “30,000-foot view” so you can create a “strategic staircase” to pick the "low-hanging fruit”.

    Okay, so maybe you haven't packed all of those buzzwords into one sentence, but I'm sure you know someone who has. Since COVID-19 forced many of us to work from home, maybe you've even discovered you're married to a "let's circle back" guy/girl.

    Buzzwords & BS is a lighthearted look at business buzzwords. A buzzword lover’s (or hater’s) bible, if you will.

    The book’s main character, Bob Sheldon (BS), is, of course, a fictitious character, but he embodies the buzzword-loving company executives many of us have met during our careers.

    Give this book to the Bob Sheldons in your life to see how many buzzwords they recognize.

    ©2020 Stephen Kirlew (P)2021 Stephen Kirlew

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