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Buying and Validating Email Lists for Large Mailings

The Complete Guide to Email Marketing, Book 5
Sprecher: Marcus Freeman
Spieldauer: 38 Min.

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Since a key to success in email marketing is using emails to contact the decision maker, sometimes it can help to buy a list if you want to reach a large number of potential prospects. The Complete Guide to Email Marketing features the tools and techniques to use for this approach to gain visibility and credibility and build your business for more sales and profits. This fifth book in the series, Buying and Validating Emails for Large Mailings, covers these topics:

  • When to buy email lists
  • Buying already created lists
  • Validating your emails
  • Buying custom targeted lists
  • Buying specialized lists

Gini Graham Scott has published over 50 books with traditional publishers and over 50 books through her own company, Changemakers Publishing. She also assists clients in writing and publishing their own books.

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