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    This audiobook is a user friendly guide to assist you in making the best decision when you buy a franchise. Making the best decision is to make sure you have the right information. This franchise guide is an excellent resource to make sure that you will buy a franchise and will know what are the right questions to be asked.

    You want to learn everything you can when you buy a franchise! As a prospective franchisee, your intention is to acquire a specific franchise opportunity. You're not buying franchising in general - you're investing in a specific name or brand. You want to learn everything you can about the specific company you intend to buy, including: How many of the company's franchisees succeed; are satisfied with the franchisor; earn at least $150,000 a year?

    A logical system about investing in a franchise opportunity.

    The book includes a series of checkpoints that anyone can use to explore and evaluate franchise opportunities. If you enjoy following a plan that will help you gather information so that you can make an educated decision, then you will love this book. This franchise guide presents a logical system that's designed to help people make important decisions about investing in a franchise opportunity. Each of the checkpoints introduces an important idea, concept, or suggestion about franchising. Collectively, these are the points you need to consider before investing in a franchise.

    Buy "Hot" Franchises without Getting Burned will help you:

    • Understand what franchising is all about before investing your money.
    • Evaluate the pros and cons of becoming a franchisee.

    ©2013 John P. Hayes (P)2014 John P. Hayes

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