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    The second installment of the Bruins' Peak Bears stories. Audiobooks six to 10! Can be listened to as a stand-alone, but I recommend listening to audiobooks zero through five first.

    Audiobook six: Melody

    It’s the biggest wedding in Bruin history as Marla Dunlap and Walker Cunningham tie the knot, but Fate determines a different outcome than everyone expects. Right before the ceremony, the three young Dunlap boys catch a black panther in the woods on Bruins’ Peak. They drag it back to Dunlap Homestead and lock it in the basement. At the last second, right before Marla and Walker head down the aisle, the panther shifts into a young man. Marla recognizes Riley Faulkner, the bear-baiter who kidnapped and almost killed her.  

    Melody Mackenzie finds herself caught in a tangled web of politics, danger, and intrigue. Riley is an enemy of her people: dangerous, calculating, profiteering for Bruin lives. How can she stand to get near him with Walker howling for Riley’s blood? Against her will, she falls under his hypnotic spell. His pitch black soul radiates power, sexual energy, and everything forbidden. Melody ought to kill him right now, but her Destiny decrees her future lies with him.  

    Must Melody turn against all her family and friends to find her heart’s true mate? How can she survive being torn away from Bruins’ Peak? How can she live without the love of her life?  

    Audiobook seven: Briar

    What happened to Riskin Dodd after Mattox Farrell defeated him in an Alpha challenge? Where did Riskin go when Mattox drove him away, bleeding and crippled? What became of Riskin after Lyric Mackenzie broke his heart to marry Mattox?  

    Briar MacAllister hasn’t been the same since Melody Mackenzie ran away from Marla Dunlap’s wedding to join the Midnight panther shifters. Briar cherished the same romantic notions about finding her one true mate. After the Melody disaster, Briar’s not so sure anymore.

    All that changes the day she meets a scarred, filthy bear in the woods on Bruins’ peak. He’s limping, hostile, and refuses to socialize with other Bruins. It’s Riskin. He went a little crazy after his defeat. He doesn’t shift anymore. He lives a solitary existence as a bear in the forest with no friends, no family, no future.

    Briar soon discovers another side of him, though, a side no one knew existed, not even Riskin himself. A brave new world of challenge and promise await as Riskin rises from the ashes to seize the destiny assigned him by Fate and the love of the woman of his dreams.

    Audiobook eight: Raven

    Audiobook nine: Ebony

    Audiobook 10: Haven

    ©2018 Sarah J. Stone (P)2018 Sarah J. Stone

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