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Brother Against Brother

A Collection of Civil War Short Stories
Sprecher: Jeremy Donahue
Spieldauer: 2 Std. und 6 Min.

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For those of you who want to experience the War Between the States in one sitting, this is the book for you. Brother Against Brother is a collection of six Civil War short stories and two excerpts from both Union and Confederate points of view.

This collection gives listeners many different perspectives: drummer boys, brave-hearted soldiers, a prisoner of war, and even a young lady waiting at home for the war to end. Through every word, feel their terror, determination, pain, relief, and joy.


"The Littlest Soldier"

A young orphan enlists as a Union drummer. What great feats can the littlest soldier accomplish?

"Bittersweet Parting"

This is an excerpt from Grits and Glory. Abolitionist, Peter Warren leaves behind his fiancée in order to fight for a cause he believes in.

"Taste of War"

A soldier sees the elephant for the first time. His experience is eye opening, and he soon learns that war isn't what he expected. The hype from the patriotic lads back home had been a bunch of lies.

"Confederate Mascot"

This is an excerpt from Journey to Glory. Told partly from a dog's point of view, he and his young master enlist in the Confederate Infantry.

"In Desperate Straits"

A poor southern woman comes across a message for help. When he finds the wounded Union soldier, she thinks that they can actually help each other.

"Elijah's Promise"

Elijah lied about his age so he could enlist as a musician. Brought up as a Quaker, he doesn't believe in war, and he wanted to avoid the draft. But will war change his beliefs?

"Prisoner of War"

Thomas was eating breakfast at his sister's house when a knock at the door turned his life upside down. Union soldiers have taken possession of their Southern town and have orders to torch the place. Taken prisoner, Thomas is surprised to meet a Yankee friend.

"A Soldier's Reflections"

A Civil War veteran reflects on the war and shares his wisdom with his grandson, Robbie, who wishes he'd been a drummer, too.

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