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Breathe - Sleep and Insomnia: Lucid Dreaming

Mindfulness Meditation
Sprecher: Benjamin P Bonetti
Spieldauer: 23 Min.

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Breathe is a range of highly effective meditation audios that assist in the control, release and management of anxiety, confidence, relationships, sleep, stress and weight loss. Designed by Benjamin Bonetti, international best-selling author of How to Stress Less, this range of personal development audiobooks utilises a number of his specialist cognitive tools to rationalise triggers, forgive the past and set a new vision for the future. Listeners can use as a part of the series or as a standalone audiobook.

What people are saying already:

  • "Best on the market . The meditation this comes with is amazing. I cannot believe it - how effective it is. Not one time could I hear the entire session. I was out like a light within minutes. I have used this every night with the same result. I love the voice on this, very calm and relaxing. Highly recommended."
  • "Very relaxing - this is great if you are new to meditation. Gets me into a deep meditative state and calms me down after a stressful day."
  • Really amazing - soothing accent! If you believe in having a stress-free life, this is a must-have. The music resonates long after the session is over. Outstanding!"

For full effect, it is recommended to use this guided meditation audio session just before going to sleep at night or whenever required, using headphones.

Note: The meditations from Benjamin Bonetti are not suitable for under 18s. Do not use if you suffer from epilepsy, clinical depression or any other nervous or psychiatric conditions,or whilst driving, exercising, operating machinery or taking alcohol or drugs. If in doubt, seek medical advice.

©2015 Benjamin Bonetti (P)2015 Benjamin Bonetti


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