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    Many people struggling with a breakup want to know how to get an ex back. There are also many people who simply want to heal from the breakup and get over their ex.

    In this audiobook, the author (a clinical psychologist) gives you all of the steps and tools based on research to get over your ex (if that's what you want) as well as to get your ex back.

    Breakup Recovery: Get Your Ex Back or Get Over Them for Good is an innovative and research-based audiobook by Clinical Psychologist Dr. Kim Chronister. This audiobook shows the exact steps that someone who is struggling with a breakup can take to completely shift their experience after a breakup and make it an empowering and even an enlightening one. Getting someone’s ex back can become a reality within a couple of months. In fact, studies show that it takes 66 days to form a new habit, which is what the timeline is based upon. Those struggling with painful breakups can flourish and come out of a breakup more resilient and improved versions of themselves.

    ©2020 Kim Chronister (P)2020 Kim Chronister

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