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    Devious henchwomen need love too.

    In a magical kingdom far away, there lived cursed princes, warrior women, and powerful heroes. Breaking the Curse is a sexy gender swap Sleeping Beauty retelling where the heroes have become heroines, the heroines have become heroes, and nothing is as it seems.

    Handsome Prince Nathan is doomed. Cursed at infancy to plunge into an eternal slumber on his 20th birthday, he believes a short, isolated life is all he can ever hope for. With so little time to live, all he wants is to have some fun with his best friend, a talking bird named Raven.

    Raven is not what she seems. A mischievous temptress, Raven is the henchwomen of the same malevolent sorcerer who damned Nathan as an infant. Raven is cursed to be a woman by night, bird by day, but still thinks she has everything she needs: a handsome semi-evil lover, a charming best friend, and an unending supply of pranks.

    When one of her schemes puts Nathan's life at risk, she'll have to expose her true feelings for him to save the day. Will Raven change her wily ways? Or are they out of time?

    This sexy adult story involves light bondage, drunken sorcerers, and a love strong enough to defy even the strongest curse.

    It is a stand-alone novella part of the Sexy Reversed Fairy Tale series, which can be heard in any order. There are no cliffhangers, and each short ends as it should: happily ever after.

    ©2015 AJ Tipton (P)2016 AJ Tipton

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