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    Though only 25, omega Calen Bustler-O'Brien-Foster might be about ready to give up on love, and just pick his future baby-daddy by height, hair and eye color off of a piece of paper. Unfortunately, while discussing his plans for the future with his loud-mouth brother on a video call, his boss overhears said well as all about Calen's giant crush on him

    Wall Conley has no desire to be in a relationship. He wouldn't necessarily consider himself a player or anything like that, but he has a fear of commitment because of his parents' toxic relationship, and he knows he's too much like his alpha father not to be easily hurt. Unfortunately, his need to take care of his adorable assistant is making it extremely hard to remember why he's always sworn off relationships, and giving the omega everything he ever wanted might override every ounce of his good sense. 

    Bossy is book one in the WTF series. My new fluffy, romantic comedy, omegaverse, short listens which are spin-offs of the Sprung Like Spring and Salacious Summer Singe series. They can be listened to as stand-alones, but it will be a whole lot more fun if you've listened to the rest! 

    ©2021 J. D. Light (P)2021 J. D. Light

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