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    Every person on the planet was born for significance, created by God to make a difference in his kingdom. Fulfilling God’s purpose is a lifelong endeavor, but it comes with a cost.  

    God is a perfect father who looks for chances to pour blessings into the lives of his children. But he is also a father who loves us and doesn’t want to increase our blessing beyond what we have the heart and maturity to carry well. What does it look like when significance is carried well? God is glorified, we are strengthened, and the people around us benefit.  

    Senior Pastor of Bethel Church Bill Johnson invites you to discover God’s wonderful intention for the church, his body, the literal dwelling place of the Holy Spirit on earth. In Born for Significance, you’ll find:

    • The true purpose of significance, blessing, and favor
    • What it means to “reign in life” and how to do it
    • Why honor and loyalty matter to God
    • How to recognize when opposition is leading you into your promotion
    • Essential tools for advancement in the kingdom of God

    You were born for significance. You were designed by God to advance his kingdom on earth and leave a legacy to your family and future generations. Come and discover who God made you to be. Once you do, you will never want to be anyone else.

    ©2020 Bill Johnson (P)2020 Charisma House

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