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    Based on the book of the same name, Born Guilty is the story of a Jewish-Austrian journalist who interviews the now-adult children of German Nazis, whose insurmountable psychological barriers twist around the truth. Later, searching for some kind of empathy, he encounters a family with a recently-discovered dark past and finds a kind of melancholic understanding. The cast of actors, including Jeremy Piven, Kate Walsh, Lawrence Grimm, and Sam Munoz, give no-holds-barred performances, expressing a gamut of reactions ranging from cheerful, polite denial to violently-furious defensiveness, and listeners will be unable to turn their ears away.


    Based on the book of the same name, Born Guilty is a moving and elegiac play about one man's journey into the hearts of children raised by Nazi parents.

    As Peter, a Jewish journalist, tries to uncover the truth, he runs into psychological barriers more daunting than the towering walls of Auschwitz. Born Guilty is based on interviews with the now-adult children of Nazis.

    ©2009 L.A. Theatre Works (P)2009 L.A. Theatre Works

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