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    On the border between El Paso, Texas and Juarez, Mexico, five lives are about to collide - with fatal results. You'll meet:

    • Marty - the professional gambler who rolls the dice on a night with…
    • Meg - the bored divorcee who seeks excitement and finds…
    • Lily - the beautiful hitchhiker lured into a live sex show by…
    • Cassie - the redhead with her own private agenda…
    • and Weaver - the madman, the killer with a straight razor in his pocket, on the run from the police and determined to go down swinging!

    This is MWA Grand Master Lawrence Block at his rawest and most visceral, a bloody, bawdy, brutal story of passion and punishment - and of lines that were never meant to be crossed - available for the first time in 50 years!

    ©1962, 2014 Lawrence Block (P)2014 Lawrence Block

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