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Body Language Blueprint

Learn How to Analyze People, Understand Human Behavior, and Boost Confidence Through Social Awareness
Autor: Don Cooper
Sprecher: Michael Campobasso
Spieldauer: 34 Min.

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”You interact with people every single day. Their statements, actions, and expressions puzzle you. Wouldn’t it be nice to end all of the confusion today? That is what this blueprint is all about!” 

Making an effort to master body language, you immediately give yourself a chance to nurture a skillset for not just taking in other people’s body language and analyzing it correctly but also sufficiently controlling your own body language.

This way, you steadily develop into what some refer to as a “communicator with intent”. You will cease to be somebody who leaves his or her communication to chance and become someone who takes control of how he communicates and interacts with other people.

This audiobook will teach you everything you need to know about body language. You will learn how to make immediate analysis and come up with correct conclusions, with regard to other people’s displayed body language. Better yet, you will know what to do to project the correct body language for whichever situation you are in as well as the proper responses to give with regard to specific body language expressions.

What’s included:

  • Overall relief of anxiety to growing confident in social situations
  • Five surprising truths about body language
  • Nonverbal cues of the feet, torso, and arms
  • Picking up on deceptive, defensive, and emotional behaviors and more!
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