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    Ex-mercenaries Keane and Sarah struggle to keep their heads above water in the roles of snarky pretender-king and sorceress-in-training for the kingdom of Greenshade — which alone would make it a good day.

    But good days are clearly for better people. 

    As the nations of the Thirteen Kingdoms line up against them, assassins stalk the castle halls with hidden daggers and deadly salted fish. The only weapons Sarah and Keane can count on are each other and the few friends they’ve made, none of whom are safe.

    While Keane must triumph over the literal enemies at the gate, Sarah must win the support of foreign leaders to their cause. If either fails, Greenshade collapses to the evil empire of Tyrrane. And everyone and everything they care about, including their own skins, will be utterly destroyed.

    Will our heroes’ efforts to foil enemy plots and pry allies out of the countryside succeed, or stretch them past the breaking point?

    Find out now.

    ©2020 Kevin Pettway (P)2020 Kevin Pettway

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