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    Everything in our lives is interconnected, but most of us don't realize it. Every decision you make sets you one step further on the path toward your future, whatever that future may be. The major you pick in college, the first job you get, the networking you do, the friendships you establish, who you sleep with, who you marry, or have a long-term relationship with...all of it plays into how your life turns out.

    "If I would have only done X..." If I would have actually applied myself, who knows what I could have done? 

    I remember one mentor who stopped me and said, “You really should be doing this.” I didn’t listen then but now, as an older man, I can see that, yeah, I should have done what he suggested. 

    This book is for everyone who has wanted a roadmap for their financial life. This book is for anyone who has ever wondered, where should I be financially in my life right now? What should I be doing by this age to secure my financial future? 

    This book will give you the direction you need. Follow this 10-year roadmap for your financial life and watch for the ultimate destination of financial independence. It comes.

    ©2021 Vibrant Energy Publishing House (P)2021 Vibrant Energy Publishing House

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