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This book includes two manuscripts.

Blockchain: Master the Blockchain Technology:

Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are fascinating, and if someone is able to do their own solving of the algorithmic puzzles and mining of the Bitcoin, there is even money to be made. However, as interesting as the idea of cryptocurrencies are, the ways blockchain technology will immeasurably alter the methods in which the world shares information are incredible.

Within the next decade, I am sure that cryptocurrency and the blockchain technologies will become an integral part of our lives. We can already see financial institutions adopt the use of blockchain technologies. They are recreating the way they handle contracts and transactions. Blockchain technology has the ability to disrupt the entire financial system in a good way completely.

Blockchain technology has broken out into the mainstream and is currently bending and breaking the rules in almost every imaginable industry worldwide.

Inside this book you will read about:  

  • How to get started with blockchain  
  • Benefits and downfalls of blockchain technology
  • Blockchain platforms
  • Reinventing financial services
  • Smart contracts and other blockchain implementations
  • Blockchain rules
  • Resources for blockchain technology  

Bitcoin: The Currency of the Future:

You have probably heard of Bitcoin. It has garnered a lot of attention lately, both among Bitcoin enthusiasts and in the mainstream media. There is a lot of hype surrounding Bitcoin. It has been featured in news and periodical articles, as well as television shows. It seems to be a buzzword that is quickly becoming embedded in popular culture. Many people have heard of it and know that it is a "virtual currency", but what does that mean? What is a virtual currency? What is Bitcoin even good for, and how can you use it?

Bitcoin is a virtual, peer-to-peer currency that is not regulated by any government. It does not exist in hard forms, such as cash; rather than being minted by a treasury or other centralized regulating body, it is mined by programmers who solve complex mathematical and computational problems to release blocks of Bitcoins into the Bitcoin pool.

Because there is no centralized financial body regulating Bitcoin, its value is not set or predetermined by any one authority. Rather, it derives its value entirely from consumer demand for it. When more users buy and make transactions in Bitcoin, its value goes up.  

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©2017 Robert Keane (P)2017 Robert Keane

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