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    "Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned."   

    I've fallen in love with Lou-Lou. And I'll stop at nothing to keep her away from you.   

    But there's one thing I never counted on.... The moment when our "truths" would turn into lies.   

    I thought Bruno DeLuca was our biggest threat. I was wrong. Because the fire burning between us would end up destroying us. And killing me.    

    People think love conquers all. What they don't know is that for some of comes at a price. The ultimate price. Sometimes, love can end up wrecking you - instead of saving you. Sometimes, love can quickly turn to hate. And sometimes...even after you've killed your demons - there's still one more that comes to the surface.     

    "There are two sides to every story.... This is ours."       

    Warning: Due to strong language, some violence, explicit sexual content, and some dark elements, this audiobook is not intended for listeners under the age of 18.  

    Trigger warning: Any listeners with sensitivity to dark stories should proceed with caution and at their own risk. You've been warned.   

    Author's note: This is part two of a three-title series (Blame It on the Shame: Lou-Lou and Ricardo's Story). However, in order to truly enjoy Lou-Lou and Ricardo's story, it is advised you listen to Blame It on the Pain first, as this story will follow the same timeline.

    ©2016 Ashley Jade (P)2018 Ashley Jade

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