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    Three enhanced audiobooks performed by the stars of the classic BBC television series.

    Velandra by Steve Lyons. Blake is having bad dreams: a swamp, wolves, a woman called Velandra...and Travis. Could this be a memory that was erased by the Federation?

    Retribution by Andrew Smith. A distress call leads Avon and Vila to an old tracking station on the moon of Lorean. It was sent by Ragnus Lang, formerly Vila's partner-in-crime. And now Lang needs Blake's help.

    Ministry of Peace by Una McCormack. The Liberator crew are on the planet Speranza to assist its new interim government. But is the planet a beacon of hope in the fight against the Federation - or is Speranza's history about to take a darker path?

    Directed by Lisa Bowerman and Ken Bentley.

    ©2014 Big Finish Productions (P)2014 Big Finish Productions

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