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    Sir Daniel Denton was NOT a nice man, and when his body is found in his study at Bywater Grange, shot through the back with his own pistol, no one sheds many tears. Scotland Yard Inspector Pinkey is sent to the country estate to investigate the crime, and quickly focuses his efforts on three suspects: the dead man's widow, Lady Adelaide Denton; his half-brother, Gerard Denton; and his secretary, Redwin, who'd recently been dismissed for "cooking" the accounts. But everywhere that Pinkey turns, he's frustrated by conflicting evidence. Redwin has a motive-but also an ironclad alibi. Gerard and Lady Denton have alibied for each other-but have no motive. And all three individuals hate one another with a passion that borders on contempt. Then Gerard's body is found at the bottom of a local gravel pit, apparently a suicide, and Redwin abruptly disappears from his temporary lodgings in town. What's going on? Must Lady Denton be the murderer by default?

    ©1934 S. Fowler Wright (P)2012 Audible, Inc.

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