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    Beschreibung von Audible

    Tough issues are facing America, but TV actor Chuck Norris has a killer roundhouse kick…and some well-researched ideas. Returning to the wisdom of a simpler time, Norris tackles the national debt, immigration, terrorism, and obesity. Alan Skylar lays out these arguments with sincerity. His deliberate pacing and calm tone make Norris' logic easy to follow. While the title might suggest otherwise, there is nothing tongue-in-cheek about this audiobook. Instead, it presents butt-kicking solutions to some very big problems.


    Martial arts master, actor, and political activist---there is no job Chuck Norris can't do. Now the original tough guy is at it again, stepping back into the role of best-selling author with his new book.

    In Black Belt Patriotism, Norris takes no prisoners in his assessment of American culture, tackling everything from family values to national security. More than a cultural critique of what's wrong with our nation, Black Belt Patriotism provides real solutions---not superficial band-aids---for solving our problems and moving our country forward. Norris shows us how we can get involved, make a difference, and change our nation's course for the better. Chuck Norris---the hero, icon, and legend---is back, packing a political and cultural punch as only he can deliver.

    ©2008 Chuck Norris (P)2008 Tantor

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