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    Three-time best-selling author in new release books, number one best seller in Forensic Psychology, Amy Perez MS Psychology  

    Number one release on Amazon in 45 Minute Self Help books.   

    Great for someone newly diagnosed with bipolar disorder 

    Easy-to-follow for family and friends 

    In this book, we will put together four things: bipolar disorder, triggers, boundaries, and road blocks. These things intertwine to make complex issues. Remember, we are not bipolar - we have bipolar disorder. It is not who we are, it is something we have. Through the proper steps, we can get through the people, places, and things that trigger us. We can set boundaries to protect ourselves. In extreme cases, we can even set up a roadblock. 

    This book gives many examples of different triggers and how to build boundaries around them. For those of us with bipolar disorder, our goal is to stay healthy, stable, and happy. 

    Let's go! 

    About the Author: 

    Amy Perez has a Master's Degree in General Psychology. She has worked in Miami, Florida with people living with various mental illnesses. She has spent many hours inside mental health facilities with a first-hand patient perspective. Amy lives in Florida with her family and orange tabby. She enjoys reading, writing, cooking and spending time in nature. 

    Instagram: avidauthor   

    Twitter: @Psychologyamy   

    Facebook Groups: Mental Health Encouragement, I Love Books, Psychology Facts

    Books by Amy Perez MS Psychology:    

    • Manic Episode Series   
    • Schizophrenic Episode Series  
    • Narcissistic Episode Series  
    • Dark Angel Episode Series  
    • 21 Keys  
    • Bipolar Disorder: Thriving, Triggers, Love & Relationships  
    • The Psychology of Love, Finances & Nutrition  
    • 10 Ways to Thrive with Bipolar Disorder  
    • Bipolar Disorder: Triggers, Boundaries & Roadblocks
    • Bipolar Disorder: Love & Relationships
    • Bipolar Disorder: Pregnancy & Childbirth
    • Bipolar Disorder: Substances, Sex & Major Life Changes  
    • The Anxiety Warriors  
    ©2018 Amy Perez MS Psychology (P)2020 Amy Perez MS Psychology

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