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    Three-time best-selling author in new release books, Amy Perez MS Psychology

    Number one best seller in Forensic Psychology

    Books by Amy Perez MS Psychology:

    • Manic Episode series
    • Schizophrenic Episode series
    • Narcissistic Episode series
    • Dark Angel Episode series
    • 21 Keys
    • Bipolar Disorder: Thriving, Triggers, Love & Relationships
    • The Psychology of Love, Finances & Nutrition

    Great for some newly diagnosed with bipolar disorder

    Easy to follow for family and friends

    So, what happens when we are fun and loving and diagnosed with bipolar disorder? Where do friendships, love and family fit in? How do we navigate through a sex life? What about marijuana, alcohol, and smoking? In a fast-paced world, we can learn about different tools to help us navigate through bipolar disorder. We can utilize technology and modern therapy to ease our symptoms and stay and fun and stable. We deserve a good life full of love and fun. Let's go!

    ©2018 Amy Perez MS Psychology (P)2020 Amy Perez MS Psychology

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