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    Bill W - Lois - Ebby and Sister Ignatia: The Big Outdoor Meeting 1960 Long Beach Alcoholics Anonymous Convention

    This was a momentous occasion. First, Bill officially transfers the leadership of AA to the General Service Conference. Then he introduces Lois, who speaks for almost 10 minutes. Then Bill Introduces Ebby who speaks briefly. And then Bill Introduces Sister Ignatia. She says some nice things and invokes God's blessing on AA and everyone AA touches.

    Bill Tells his story and the story of AA from the beginning. How Dr Carl Jung told Rowland Hazard he must find a spiritual experience. How Dr. Silkworth helped him, and then helped him reach out properly to Dr Bob. While speaking about Dr Bob he pauses to read a memorial to Dr Bob. He touches on many things; the AA book project, the Cleveland Plain Dealer articles and the early growth of AA. He closes with some words about how Page 164 in A Vision for You has become a reality. This recording enable AA members today to witness the momentous occasion.

    ©2021 Thomas Laperriere (P)2021 Thomas Laperriere

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