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    Brennan Colt sings happy birthday to a stranger and ends up with a wife. Now that's a story of a Colt brother! 

    Charlotte has faced a hard-knock life. At nine, she was shipped off to live with her aunt, and there she had to grow up fast. Now, as an adult, it was time for her to think of her future, even if that means cutting ties. 

    Headed to Tarnation so she can nurse at a clinic, she enjoys the interaction with her patients, especially one who makes a memorable impression when he flashes her. She later meets that same cowboy at a local honky-tonk and saves him from the claws of a thirsty woman, but she learns right away that he's more than a wide smile and broad shoulders. He also has a conundrum - a tad one. He needs a wife. No big deal, right? Can she help him? However, the cowboy offers more than just quid pro quo, and she isn't sure she can handle the emotion. 

    Brennan's burying his sorrow at the bottom of a bottle when in walks a savior with wild curls and amber eyes - and a smile that attaches to his big heart. Maybe he’d given up on getting hitched way too soon because suddenly his options are irresistible. 

    If he doesn't marry in two weeks, he’d let his brothers, and himself, down. He had one last chance, and her name was Charlotte. He’s not so sure about the whole idea, marrying a stranger and all, but what he felt in his gut when she was around didn’t feel too bad. 

    He's learning about her, like how smart she is, how she loves chocolate, and the way her eyes light up when she laughs, but he's also realizing she has a few secrets. Nothing says he has to get to know her, but the big-hearted cowboy is curious...and maybe a tad in love. Yet, if she isn’t willing to let him in, he might have to wave a flag of surrender....

    She isn't the only one who has secrets. When an uninvited guest shows up at Grinning Spurs, it'll turn everything upside down. 

    ©2020 Rhonda Lee Carver (P)2020 Rhonda Lee Carver

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