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    Customer service is so much more than cucumber water and hot towels. The best customer service takes care of your clients and takes care of you. Without that balance, you cannot grow and thrive in your massage practice. Learn how to do customer service authentically, honoring your highest values.

    Your attitude to customer service is actually about your attitude toward your full relationship with your clients, both on and off the table. The best relationship is somewhere between doormat ("I have to do whatever they want to keep them from leaving!") and diva ("I don't have to do anything because they need me!"). It's that sweet spot of truly awesome customer service and a robust healthy practice. 

    This book will help you see how to consider customer service in every aspect of the client relationship because: 

    • An excellent customer service experience for both the client and the therapist creates a solid, healthy, ongoing relationship. 
    • Being well-cared-for strengthens trust and promotes feelings of safety, which are vital to the client/therapist relationship. 
    • Happy clients do the best advertising. A personal recommendation from a satisfied client who feels valued and appreciated is worth more than gold to your business.
    • Great customer service elevates your work into something unique and special. You aren’t just “rubbing the naked people”.

    Paying attention to customer service - in large and small ways - creates a practice you can be proud of. Best of all, great customer service leads to a robust healthy financially solid practice, which is what we all want. 

    ©2020 Dee Vickers & Kelly Bowers (P)2021 Dee Vickers & Kelly Bowers

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