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    Learn the best and most affordable places to retire in Asia in under an hour!

    In Best Places to Retire: The Top 15 Affordable Towns for Retirement in Asia , you'll learn about the most ideal places to retire in the many regions of Asia. There's no mistake why Asia is such a highly desired retirement location with its lower cost of living and beautiful sights. With its diverse cultures and seemingly boundless list of things to do, Asia is a perfect place to consider retiring. Learn about 15 of the best destinations to retire in Asia. We'll review why each spot is a great place to retire, the local community, and general demographics of each region.

    Here is a preview of what is inside this book:

    • Why Seniors Choose to Retire in Asia
    • 12 Questions to Ask Yourself When Thinking About Retiring in Asia
    • 15 Great Places to Retire in Asia
    • Conclusion

    ©2016 Calvintir Books, LLC (P)2016 Calvintir Books, LLC

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