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    "And what do you think of it all, Watson?" asked Sherlock Holmes, leaning back in his chair.

    "It seems to me to be a most dark and sinister business."

    "Dark enough and sinister enough."

    (Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, "The Adventure of the Speckled Band")

    Best Classic Short Stories for Children brings together some of the most well-known and beloved stories by authors like O. Henry, Oscar Wilde, and Saki and extracts from children's classics such as The Railway Children and Little Women. With a mix of genres including science fiction, mystery, and ghost stories, and a host of popular characters such as Oliver Twist, Sherlock Holmes, Jane Eyre, and Dracula, this is the perfect introduction to a range of classic literature. 

    This book is part of Classics for the New Decade, a new anthology series celebrating the most acclaimed and enduring works of literature.

    Public Domain (P)2021 HarperCollins Publishers

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