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    If today God fulfilled your deepest dreams of a decade past, could you handle it, or would it destroy you?

    That elusive dream: the mate who makes your heart skip a beat each time you see them, children you can impart wisdom to and learn from, a comfortable home worth coming home to, and no concern for money.

    We all want that.

    What if you got it - every bit - and snapped?

    Jesse McKlintock did. He received the love of his life, the children, a working ranch, a gold, silver, and copper mine, and a bank. The man knew how to live without all that. He just never considered how to live with it. Jesse never imagined having all he ever wanted could bring such turmoil, confusion, and ill feelings out of the ones he loved and respected.

    Unseen forces have descended upon the growing Flying M family in Besetting There. It just might be more than they have ever experienced. 


    They know not the form nor the direction from which it comes.

    ©2018 L. L. Ward (P)2020 L. L. Ward

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