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Behind a Pale Mask

The New Ferryman Novel
Sprecher: Daniel McColly
Spieldauer: 1 Std. und 23 Min.

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"You know me to be a ferryman", I said, pushing the circlet up and over my forehead. "How?" 

"Why, by taking one look at you, that's how! You've no mask, that much is true, nor have you a scythe, as I've've the cloak, all right, but that can be purchased at even the lowliest of costume shops; I've one just like it in my wagon here, in fact. No, this is something in the face itself. It's an aura." He paused, appraising me coldly. "You've the heart of a ferryman." 

After a moment I replied, "I knew a woman once who said the very opposite." 

"A woman, eh? She must have feared you very much."

©2017 Wayne Kyle Spitzer (P)2017 Wayne Kyle Spitzer

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