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Sprecher: Elisabeth Rogers
Spieldauer: 12 Std. und 28 Min.

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Baltimore, 1919: After graduating in the top of her psychology major at Vassar, Rosalie Rayner accepts a coveted position in the lab of Dr. John B. Watson, the infamous father of American behaviorism, at Johns Hopkins University. The two begin a passionate affair that will cost Rosalie her PhD candidacy, her prominent Jewish family's good name, her dreams of her own career, and ultimately her sanity.

A haunting work of historical fiction set in the roaring '20s, with themes of scientific integrity, fidelity, motherhood, and "having it all" that will resonate with a contemporary audience. A narrative not from the perspective of John Watson but of his lesser-known wife, who had her own dreams and hopes before their marriage and his success.

Andromeda's previous novels, The Spanish Bow and The Detour, are critically acclaimed and have received high praise for their atmospheric prose and historical accuracy. Andromeda is a well-connected and well-traveled teacher, blogger, book coach, and occasional contributor to the Huffington Post.

©2016 Andromeda Romano-Lax (P)2016 Recorded Books


"An impressive and richly atmospheric debut." ( The New York Times Book Review)
"Ambitious and atmospheric." ( The Guardian)
"Romano-Lax is singularly gifted: she creates full-fledged, engaging characters and writes compelling narrative. Some of her descriptive passages take your breath away." ( Library Journal)

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