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"Beginner's Spell"

A Beginner's Spell for All Witches and Warlocks
Autor: Waide Riddle
Sprecher: Ted Gitzke
Spieldauer: 4 Min.
Kategorien: English - Fiction, Horror

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"Beginner's Spell" is strictly for the beginning witch, warlock, and voodoo enthusiast. Recommended for the practitioner of black witchcraft. The perfect spell/curse to cast upon your enemy who has done you wrong. Perfect for revenge seekers.

Warning: It is highly encouraged/advised to have a witness on hand when studying this spell. Students may need help with what they call out from the darkness. Practice at your own risk. This spell is held and protected safely in the archives of UCLA Library of Special Collections. Published in the anthology Speculative Poets of Texas (2015).

©1999 Waide Aaron Riddle (P)2016 Waide Aaron Riddle


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