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    Dorsal Finn is a sleepy town, nestled in a small crescent shaped bay, facing the gleaming Atlantic Ocean. In its 198-year history the town has come to know mystery and skullduggery like the dearest of friends, so much so, it has now become quite normal to have the odd explosion here or missing person there without many of the townsfolk raising as much as an eyebrow. 

    And it is in the town of Dorsal Finn that one Beatrice Beecham now resides, a girl of remarkable talent among which is an absolute, innate gift for finding trouble. 

    In this audiobook, you'll hear about all kinds of trouble: witches, shaman, and sea monsters, to name but a few. Yet, Beatrice is to find out that of all the terrible things lurking in the shores of Dorsal Finn, the biggest threat may come from the town itself.

    ©2013 Dave Jeffrey (P)2019 David N. Wilson

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