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    While the New World Order can be absurd and grim, it has some really funny openings for satire. These are exceptional openings for a little ridicule, joking around and some dark humor as well. So, just have a laugh, live and prosper. Lady Liberty may be detained by the globalists, but we as individuals and families can overcome the bad overlords. I had a few words in the book about one globalist, Rick Perry:

    [Perry felt that the dark rims would make him look a little smarter, noting that "Russell Westbrook looks like a genius and our state is proud of the OKC Thunder and the attention that team brings to Texas."

    Perry made no claims that the rims would make him look that much smarter as he feels he has gotten away with sub average intelligence for years, relying on red neck idiots to keep him in power. He acknowledges that he is smarter than they are and that is all that matters.

    He does feel some sorrow in letting Travis County go, because he looks to the Texas Chainsaw Massacres as proof that guns don't kill people, chainsaws do. Losing that state history does give Governor Perry regret...]

    I get to take the satire beyond the Stewarts and the Colberts of the world, because this is a hobby for me. I like it that way, and hopefully, you will find the humor liberating.

    And don't forget Vlad Putin's 10 tips for prospering in a speculative society. They could come in handy for all of us. Be sure to read about my views concerning some well known celebrities. You could be entertained and surprised.

    ©2014 Gary Anderson (P)2014 Gary Anderson

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